The Town of Franklin Tartan

The Franklin tartan was designed in December of 2004 by local weaver Virginia McSween. During the annual holiday “Window Wonderland” celebration in downtown Franklin, Main Street businesses are asked to have live demonstrations of local crafts or holiday scenes in their storefront windows The Scottish Tartans Museum asked long-time museum volunteer Virginia (Ginny) McSween to set up a small loom and weave a tartan in the front window.

Knowing that she would likely be distracted by the many onlookers, she decided not to weave a traditional clan tartan. Using yarn that was left over from other projects, she created her own unique design. People passing by and watching her display would ask what the tartan was. After so many times of explaining that it was not an actual named tartan, someone suggested that she just start calling it “the Franklin tartan.”

The idea took hold, and the Friends of the Scottish Tartans Museum presented the idea to the Town of Franklin. As part of Franklin’s 150th anniversary celebrations in 2005, the town board voted unanimously to adopt the design as the official tartan of the Town of Franklin. As a “birthday present” to the Town of Franklin, the Scottish Tartans Authority recorded the tartan as No. 6678 and provided the town office with a certificate.

The tartan can be found on display in the Scottish Tartans Museum