More Tartan Resources

There are many websites with information about tartan, kilts, ans Scottish dress. Like anything else on the world wide web, some of these sites will be more accurate than others. Below we have listed some of our favorite and most recommended internet resources for tartan studies. Clicking on the below links will take you away from the Scottish Tartans Museum web site. The Scottish Tartand Museum is not responsible for their content.

The Scottish Register of Tartans (The National Register)
This is the official Register of tartans sponsored by the Scottish government and maintained by the Scottish National Archives.

The Scottish Tartans Authority
An independant, membership-based Scottish charity (equivalent to a US non-profit) dedicated to the promotion of tartan. Lots of helpful articles and resources. The STA also maintains the International Tartan Index, the industry-standard reference for tartan information.
Articles, blog, and other information dealing with tartan and Highland dress, by Matthew Newsome. Matthew Newsome was the Director of the Scottish Tartans Museum. He is also a Governor of the Scottish Tartans Authority, member of the Guild of Tartan Scholars, kilt maker, tartan designer, and contributing editor of the monthly Scottish Banner.

Peter MacDonald Tartan Design & Consultancy
Peter MacDonald is chief researcher and historical consultant for the Scottish Tartans Authority. He is a tartan hand weaver, and has served as an historic dress consultant for many films and reenactments. His web site contains many good articles covering various aspects of tartan research.

The Scots Forum
A place to discuss not only kilts and tartans, but also other areas of Scottish heritage interest, including dancing, music, food and drink, and more!